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        Contact us

        Shenzhen solid state into a new material technology co., LTD


        Contact person: Mr Xu

        Phone: 18684536811

        Q Q: 1048134957


        Address: shenzhen baoan district xixiang street sea garden


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        Shenzhen Golishion new material technology co., LTD., is committed to  ionic liquid as the core of the production, r&d, sales services. With rich experience, professional team, as well as the innovative spirit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence, for the chemical enterprise with advanced, high-quality, low-cost products and technical services.

        For ionic liquids production scale is small, the price is high, the company through continuous technical and process improvement, at the same time to ensure the quality of ionic liquid products fundamentally reduce the production cost of ionic liquids, promote the process of its industrial scale application scale of the company production of ionic liquids. In terms of product quality control, has established a number of analysis method.

        Company manufacturing high purity of ionic liquid and its purity can reach more than 99%, such as used in the high purity of the ionic liquid electrolyte, 1 - ethyl - 3 - methyl imidazole chloride salt, 1 - ethyl - 3 - methyl imidazole four fluorine boric acid salt, etc.; Used for super capacitor high pure ionic liquid electrolyte, four fluoboric acid tetraethyl ammonium, three four fluoboric acid ethyl methyl ammonium, N - methyl, ethyl ammonium pyrrolidine four fluoboric acid, etc.



        Company name: Shenzhen solid state into a new material technology co., LTD Contact: Mr Xu mobile: 18684536811 Q Q: 1048134957 address: shenzhen baoan district xixiang street sea garden


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